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Virtual reality walkthrough application

Virtual reality (VR) walkthroughs are immersive experiences that allow users to explore virtual environments in a realistic and interactive manner. By donning a VR headset, users can step into a virtual world and navigate through various spaces
by Hasar Shwan
Health & Medicine


M.therapy provide simple, effective online counseling through our platform to those going through challenging times and dealing with problems in their daily lives. Moreover, we conduct webinars and seminars.
by hussein mahmood


Meena is a platform that facilitates the delivery of goods from merchants to markets. It connects merchants who supply products with various markets and provides a streamlined process for ordering, tracking, and delivering goods. This app
by Ashraf Harba
Health & Medicine


Falaq is a B2B marketplace that connects pharmacies with local drugstores and pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to enhance the supply chain between pharmacies and local drugstores and pharmaceutical companies in Iraq.
by Yousif Alneamy

Kevir Studio

Kevir Studio is an independent game developer startup studio based in Duhok currently working on developing international quality standard video games. As an independent studio, Kevir was able to release its first mobile game in 2021.
by Kevir Studio