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Health & Medicine


SmartMed is a web based application that was found in 2017, SmartMED aims to digitize medical field such as (medial clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, pharma companies…etc.)
by Rand Ari
Health & Medicine

Hello Healthify

A smart system to optimize the health sector by providing digital tools for making a better connection between (hospital-doctor-patient)’s, basis on health account with health data.
by Yara Hassan
Health & Medicine

Bamboo Bazzar

our aim is to save our environment by providing eco-friendly products and stop using plastics anymore. as all of us know the bad side effect of plastic on people and the environment taking this opportunity we come up with the Bamboo Bazzar idea
by Aram Mahruf
Health & Medicine


M.therapy provide simple, effective online counseling through our platform to those going through challenging times and dealing with problems in their daily lives. Moreover, we conduct webinars and seminars.
by hussein mahmood
Health & Medicine


Falaq is a B2B marketplace that connects pharmacies with local drugstores and pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to enhance the supply chain between pharmacies and local drugstores and pharmaceutical companies in Iraq.
by Yousif Alneamy