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Hadyari is an online platform where you can find gifts to your loved ones.We showcase products of international brands and creative local small businesses. Hadyari specializes in selling items that have distinct design which can be gifted We provide

by Rebin Abdalla


The first application in Iraq to provide fast and safe maintenance services for houses and buildings
by Zahra Jaber

Full Stop Company

Full Stop company offers the first innovative online platform that digitalized and simplified the way to access certified translation services to save customers time through an online platform for the first time in Iraq.
by Aryan Mohammed Hamadameen


Bundle is Social media platform that allows user post once every 24H, Users can edit & share text, location , image and videos with high quality Bundle support multiple device ( IOS -ANDROID - WATCH - TV ).
by Omer Rafaat

DadyarTech Center for Sale and Maintenance of Computers

Establishing basically a center for sale and maintenance of computers/laptops, computer accessories, building Gaming and Design PCs and other IT solutions (Hardware and Software).
by شاخه‌وان محمود

Sayara Platform

is a mobile App marketplace, designed with both buyers and sellers in mind. The app allows buyers and car-parts traders to utilize the platform to conduct the process of buying, selling and servicing cars in a safe, secure, and transparent manner.
by Harez Hama Ali

Visit Mesopotamia

Visit Mesopotamia is a mobile application that aims to bridge the gap between tourists and tourism companies and groups in Iraq and covering information about the tourism groups, entertainment companies, and tour guides.
by Bahar Al-Jammoor

Bus Cafe Erbil

Bus Cafe Erbil is the first Cafe in Kurdistan and Iraq to offer its services inside a bus.It was established in 2018 and it is prominent with its modern and unique style and serve a variety of hot and cold beverages along with desserts
by Kani Jalil

Bahar Factory

Bahar Factory is a local business specialized in producing Vinegar, Natural oils and Herbal distillates. These products are made using natural methods like cold-press, distillation, and fermentation in production.
by Jalal Karim

تطبيق لاعوب - LAOOB APP

Laoob application is the first gathering of football players in Iraq that aims to discover football talents. The application also provides many services such as the service of booking stadiums and academies, searching for matches and participating in them, and evaluations between players.

by Akram Iedan