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Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are able to collect funds for executing their community development projects and Projects. This process consists of three steps:

Register your organization:

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are required to register on the Invest My Idea platform by using this link: Apply Now!

Note: Important is to submit all required documents and fill all mandatory information about their project and Projects.


Launching campaigns

Once a CSO registers on the platform, Invest My Idea team will check all the documents and conduct an interview with the organization to ensure the quality and readiness of the campaigns. Accepted campaigns will be announced and reached out to for the next steps.


Collecting Funds and Execution

After the closing date of the campaign, if the Civil Society Organization has reached the targeted amount during the specified time, all the collected funds would be transferred to the organization to execute its project, however its not all or nothing process, so the organization can receive the money it collects even if it didn’t reach to its financial goal.


Money transaction process

Money transactions are facilitated via the Nass Wallet, a digital wallet accessible across all regions of Iraq. It is imperative for every organization to possess a dedicated account within the wallet to accumulate donations. Additionally, individuals looking to contribute must possess their individual accounts on the Nass wallet.