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Health & Medicine

Bamboo Bazzar

Bamboo Bazzar is a socially responsible Store who manufacture and supply eco-friendly products such as (Bamboo Toothbrushes, zero waste toothpaste Tablets, Bamboo Straws, Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Lunchbox, Bamboo Combs) that promote sustainable living. Since our inception, our purpose has been to support, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses of all kinds to make the switch to reusable and zero waste alternatives to reduce the devastating effects that single-use plastic pollution is having on our planet.

by Aram Mahruf 2022-11-29
IQD 13,650,000.00goal
-days left
Health & Medicine


SmartMED is a web-based application for digitalization of Health sector including Doctor Clinics, Hospital, pharmacy, Laboratory..etc. for managing health facilities from A to Z.
by Rand Ari 2022-02-27
IQD 15,000,000.00goal
-days left